S C ENTERPRISES, in its current structure was created in July of 2003 by the true spirit of American Entrepreneurs with years of successful experience in the field of I T Solutions, Marketing & Management consulting, Product Sourcing, Development & Distribution to effectively cover the North American and global markets.

Decades of the combined successful experience of the founding entrepreneurs, offer their client a single power full source for variety of most sought after services. Today we have either our own or associate offices through out the world to provide better service to our clients.

In the US, we provide comprehensive marketing & management services and have complete diversity in our product range to match with the special needs of our clients. Today we provide our products & services to the US government and to most major retailers in North America & Internationally.

In I T Solution we specialize in health, accounting, distribution, inventory management, web designing & management and many other important areas to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our software product development practice develops software products for general use in specific industries and niches. Our flagship product, the highly acclaimed Financial Accounting Software customized for various user segments, are an example of our software product development capabilities, though we have several other products as well.

Our standard software products are low-priced and powerful and are offered without the source code (Currently used tools include VB6 SP5, ASP3, HTML, MS Access 2000 database or MS SQL server database and JavaScript as applicable to an application). However, source code may be supplied at additional costs.

We can also develop new software for our client or customize existing software and supply them with the source code at additional charges. We can also develop a new software or customize an existing software as per your requirements and transfer unhindered rights so that client can market the software under their own banner with all future development support offered by us. In such cases they will display their own banner in the software and will own the copyright for marketing it in your region.

We have a wide range of accounting and inventory control and business management software available as standard versions off the shelf for various users.

We are completely devoted to producing only the highest quality software solutions for its clients. For the last four years, we have been developing tailored software applications for companies around the globe, always targeted to solve and satisfy specific and unique problems and needs.

In Marketing & Management we provide complete range of services i.e. product development services - from concept to actual development of product to commercial production, packaging development, product sourcing, product - customer-matching services etc. Most of the products we sell are made in our own factories or in close association with other manufacturers with whom we have very close working relationships, Today S C E is working with its vendors around the world to bring the finest products to its buyers at the lowest prices.

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